• Étape 1
    HD Micro Primer provides the perfect balance between a smoothing and mattifying effect. Ultra Foundation 15 g is a great choice, when considering the heat and desired look of natural glowing skin. Palette HD Micro Foundation Cache 5 couleurs (Contouring) is used to enhance natural highlights and define contours. A focus on the cheekbones is key. The contour is enhanced at the temples and below the cheekbone. Lip Care Balm is applied liberally.
  • Étape 2
    HD Cream Liner (bronze) is firstly swept over the eyelid up to the socket line and underneath the bottom lash line. Eye Shadow Iridescent in Eye Shadow Iridescent (golden sand G) is blended all over the HD Cream Liner. Eye Shadow Matt (TV brown) is blended into the outer corner of the eyes and close to the root of the bottom lashes. Eye Shadow Matt (shading brown) is added for a warm contrast.
  • Étape 3
    Eye Shadow Matt (eggplant) and Lake are blended into the outer corners of the eye and along the socket line, with higher concentration in the outer corners. With a small blending brush, both colors are then, in succession, applied underneath the bottom lash line. This layering effect of slightly different tones gives a richer depth to the smokey eyes. The eyebrows are defined with Eyebrow Powder (dark).
  • Étape 4
    To add the typical sultry glamour to this look, HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied along the top and bottom lash lines using a fine firm brush. The eyeliner gradually widens as it reaches the outer corner. The flick is placed by extending out and up from the natural curve of the bottom lash line. Individual Cluster Eyelashes in Small are built up using Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g (black).
  • Étape 5
    From the Professional Blusher Set 15 couleurs (Contexture) is loaded onto a fan brush with Shading Brown and R19. This warm blend of blush is then buffed along the cheekbone. Use this also to warm the jaw line and temples. Glamour Glow (natural tan) and Glamour Glow (bronzing sun) highlights the top of the cheeks and brow bone. Lip Stain (punk) and Lip Stain (gospel) are mixed together creating a rich matt lip.
  • Tara Moghaddam
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    Chez Kryolan, nous créons du maquillage. Mais pas comme tout le monde. Nous fabriquons notre maquillage nous-même. Depuis plus de 75 ans et trois générations, nous le fabriquons à notre manière. Avec nos idées et notre passion, qui nous rendent unique. Il n’existe qu’une seule véritable manufacture de maquillage professionnel. Il n'y a qu'un seul Kryolan.